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Whole beans for the freshest coffee experience


Blend Origins
Colombia | Brazil | Seasonal Asian


Tasting Notes
Floral Aroma | Butterscotch | Gooseberry


  • Our bespoke blend is specially crafted from Fairtrade beans and is totally carbon neutral. You can enjoy every sip no matter what method you choose to brew it - 100% ethical and 100% great tasting!

    With the right balance of strength, body and sweetness, without any overpowering or lingering bitterness, you'll be sure to love it as much as we do. Our blend is delicious when simply brewed as a black filter coffee or as an espresso for with milk for lattes, cappuccinos and flat whites.


    Our aim was to create a versatile blend which works with or without milk, as a filter brew, in a bean to cup machine or on the stove in a moka pot. As an espresso or in a bean to cup machine, you'll experience deeper notes of peanut butter and syrupy butterscotch, finished with a gooseberry acidity. From pour over and filter brewing, you'll experience the lighter floral aroma notes but still plenty of sweetness.


    Available in 200g, 400g or 1kg packs and available on regular subscription so you never run out.

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